Foremost, the service is tailored to the needs of the individual student.  Meetings are always one on one and discreet.  There are no links on this website to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites as this service is private not social in nature.

The ultimate goal of this service is to help students succeed.  The process assists students in creating habits of studying that gain the most points on every grade-bearing assignment.  The planning and analysis that is part of this process breaks down seemingly impossible complicated tasks into small chunks that are do-able.  Achieving small milestones leads to greater accomplishments and with the increase in competency comes motivation.  

Collaboration is essential.  Students must be willing to commit to the process and that includes sharing each course syllabus, all graded assignments, and their weekly planner.  IF applicable, parents are part of the process of supporting the student. Their positive support is made possible by knowing the challenges faced by the student.  Transparency is therefore a foundation of the service, not an option.  Weekly reports are sent directly to parents reviewing prior graded and upcoming assignments.  The purpose of this feature is to format parent input as supportive - a goal shared by all parents.

Weekly meetings begin at the start of each semester.  Students will analyze each course's syllabus and create a semester calendar of grade-bearing assignments.  At subsequent weekly meetings, students will discuss and analyze each upcoming assignment to create a plan of study that will be recorded in a calendar/planner.  Students are encouraged to contact me for assistance via voice, text, or email.  Parents will be sent a weekly update via email and can likewise contact me with their suggestions and concerns via voice, text, or email.

My rule for communicating to parents is to report my overall observations of the student and their attitude/preparation for performing academic work, the upcoming plan for study, grade results from assignments, and my assessment of overall strengths and challenges.  I do not report what students say or what parents say.  If there are concerns regarding a student's emotional or physical health, I will recommend that the student seek help immediately and report my recommendation to the parent so they may follow-up. 

This service is not tutoring or advising.  No specific course content is taught.  The focus is on pulling together the student's efforts into an organized process.  This process can include assisting the student in communicating with faculty, using accommodations, accessing and working with tutors, creating and working in study groups, improving study skills, exam and test preparation, and most importantly, time management.

Students and parents must read and sign the service contract that acknowledges the scope and limitations of this service.  There are no guarantees regarding the grades achieved by the student.  Students enroll on a semester basis.

If you are interested, review the information contained on this website and contact me with any questions or information you or your student has about the services of Academic Task Management and how it works.  There is a contact form or you can email me directly at the or addresses.

Email:    Phone Contact    336-707-7480

​Academic Task Management - one-on-one academic services

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