The first step is to gather as much information as possible.  Can this service help make the transition to college more successful?  You can call, email me or use the "contact me" form to begin the process.  

Students and  parents must be part of the process of determining whether to use the academic task management service. Each should do their own research and I would be happy to talk to everyone at separate times as your questions and follow-up questions are most likely different.  

A face-to-face discussion with all stakeholders of how to use the service and "how it works" is next.  If you will be in the South Central Pennsylvania or the Fairfax, Virginia area, we can make arrangements to meet in-person.  We can also arrange an interview via Skype if necessary.  The purpose of this meeting will be to set expectations and begin our collaborative relationship.

This service is inherently personal for student and parent and our ability to work together is important. 

The students and parents must sign a contract for a semester.  If a student subscribes after the term begins, payments will be prorated based on the weeks remaining until the end of the semester. 

For more information contact me via email at  or,  phone at 336-707-7480, or the contact form/page.


Email:    Phone Contact    336-707-7480

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