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You have been watching your student learn from the first day of school and you are aware of their strengths and needs. You are the expert on their academic capabilities and recognize that higher education is a new game with new rules.  The reason why this service is called "Academic Task Management", is because it takes the mystery out of higher education and replaces it with a common sense approach more like a modern project-oriented work place.  Guidance, oversight, and structure aimed at making complicated tasks do-able through analysis and planning.  

In this process you are not left out of the formula.   Semester plans are shared along with weekly updates of results and plans for upcoming assignments.  The purpose of this transparency is to give the student the utmost independence at the same time giving you a format for supporting their efforts.  You will know what's on their "plate," what their plan is for meeting the demands of the assignments, and can then give them positive support that is meaningful.  I have heard it myself and I know that telling someone to "study harder" means nothing. 

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